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All these clothing lines that have been popping up lately are all the same. They should just collaborate with one another, after all, it’s not very different from one another.

The word fuck.
Upside down crosses.
Anti religious designs.
Black on white.
Chiller font.
Witch related designs.
Stating that the person who is wearing the shit is a weirdo or creep.
Fuck God. Godless. God Free. Wahwahwah, God sucks.
Spooky movie characters accompanied with an “edgy” word.
Cats with upside down crosses for eyes. 

Currently looking at the Instagrams of four different clothing companies with all of the above. Truth be told, I thought I was going through different Instagrams of the same company. There is no originality. There is no creativity and there is no talent. 
Copy. Paste. Put a price tag on it. Sell. Repeat. 

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So, I went to get out of my bed and I noticed something next to my shoe… Guess what? A spider.. I have no idea what the hell it is. I sprayed it with Hot Shot and it went psycho so I put it inside an empty water bottle. I’m not going to take it out now until I know it’s officially dead but when I know it’s dead I will take a picture of it.

How ever, it has long legs. It’s almost a light brown with a black marking on it’s back, not sure what the marking looks like, kinda diamond shaped from what I can see and the tips of it’s legs are a dark brown or black. Anyone have any idea what the hell this is? Deadly or not, I want nothing to do with it being in my room.

Anyone know what kind of spider this could be?