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  07/10/14 at 04:46am

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Going to start posting more often on my personal blog. I post and then neglect it for days or weeks. Just have found no use in speaking about my personal life or expressing how I feel about things anymore, and when I do I always do it here. But I will try to update my personal more often. Get in touch with my emotions again.

So, if any of you would like to follow, below will be the link.


  05/24/14 at 08:18pm

I feel that Nathaniel Buzolic could play an incredible Eddie Brock. I grew up on Marvel, mainly Spider-Man. Watching the cartoons growing up. Family members giving my sister and I Spider-Man and X-Men figurines growing up. On Saturday I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I really loved it. Mainly what was done with Harry. I won’t speak about it to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie yet. But it got me thinking about my favorite Spider-Man villain. Eddie Brock, well, Venom. I remember how happy I was when I found out that Spider-Man 3 would have Eddie Brock in it. And I remember at the time I allowed my excitement of this to cloud what  a horrible movie it actually was. But anyways, we won’t go into that. 
It just made me think of who I would like to play Eddie. And my answer is Nate. Nate is a very incredible actor, mainly when playing a villain. His skill in playing Kol Mikaelson really drew me to watching The Vampire Diaries more because he truly knows how to play a villain. He’s a very expressive actor and I feel that he would be able to bring that skill to a man like Eddie Brock.

Just a thought. 

  05/05/14 at 05:17am

The Sebastian Stan tag on Tumblr is a complete and utter mess right now. It’s disgusting the way people speak about people they claim to admire, appreciate and love. Whether it’s playing or not, people should really think out what they plan on posting.

Out of the years that I’ve been a fan of Sebastian, I have never seen so much negativity, and it’s not even coming from him. People ruin things constantly, and it seems that it’s no different this time around. Going around Instagram saving pictures that his friends have personally taken, uploading them and tagging him on it. Do you really think he wants to know that you go around invading his privacy to that extent? Not to mention the idiotic comments I’ve seen lately since I follow him on Instagram. 

When The Winter Soldier first came out, everyone was so lovely and excited, and now everyone has become rabid and idiotic, I don’t understand. You think he’s handsome? Lovely, nothing wrong with that, but don’t be rude and intrusive. He’s very sweet and genuine, and he seems to have a very good head on his shoulder and an understanding of how things work, but people get tired of the idiocy, so stop while you can and before it’s too late. 


New Album. #Reincarnate coming September 16. 

So happy when I woke up to the news that Motionless In White were putting out their new album on the 16th of September.

  04/23/14 at 11:21pm
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The Rains of Castamere Unveiled [x]

It was so beautiful.

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